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In Tangible Nous, as Eggxtender developers,  we are aware that the protein is the base of every daily meal. This has generated a new global trend: As nations become wealthier, people begin to eat more animal products and at some point our planet would not be able to sustain the current rate of growth in animal-based foods for too much longer. Maintain this kind of growth while satisfying the demand rate means that the world need new sustainable alternatives.


Tangible Nous, is a company dedicated to developing innovative and nutritional solutions for the food industry. We have developed numerous quality-driven methods aiming to reduce calories, increase quality in processed foods and generate food solutions from vegetable-based and non-vegetable-based proteins.


We are moved by the philosophy and vision of transforming and generating changes that break paradigms of food industry, our innovations address pressing market needs, and constantly bring forward new products and patents each year. Currently we count with over 20 products and 15 registered brands spanning multiple industries including baking, meat, confections, and dairy, among others. All of them created with the end consumer in mind.


This is Innovation with Human Sense

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